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The history of UZZA is essentially the history of vocalist Tabatha Predovich and guitarist/keyboardist Rich Patterson who have been writing and performing together since meeting in Detroit back in 2001. At that time they fronted a band called Radium – which dissolved upon moving to Minneapolis in late 2004. Soon afterwards they started working on various musical projects before starting a new band called UZZA in early 2009. Since then, the band has played scores of shows all over the Twin Cities, entertaining crowds with an eclectic musical mixture of Sixties psychedelia and post-punk influences. In January of 2012, UZZA released their inaugural effort: “Samsara” – a 10 song album of original music that showcases their songwriting prowess and deft musicianship. In May 0f 2014, UZZA finished their follow-up album, "Maya" – another 10 song collection that is decidedly more accomplished. A release show is in the works. Visit the News section for updates.

For more information on the band, visit UZZA at Reverb Nation or by checking us out on FaceBook.

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